We have designed the tables in such a way that you can print them to take with you into the field and this is the procedure for getting a good print species list without the rest of the page. In Internet explorer: highlight the table, click copy and paste the table in MS Word or in OpenOffice, the great free Office sweet available for the downloading in many languages. 

For the much faster Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape browsers, (that are free for you for downloading), the procudure is slightly different as you will have to safe the web page first.You always want to safe the page anyway for future reference. When saving a webpage, the default or normal way of saving will create a subdirectory with all the graphics of that page. You don't need that for printing a species list. Therefore, we recommend that you Safe As: "Web Page, html only". You can open this page in OpenOffice and a neatly formatted table appears. Delete everything you don't need from the page, print and safe the file for future reference. To open the file in MSWord, you need to open it from your directory in Explorer in the following way: Right click the icon of the saved file, click "Open with" and select MSWord. then proceed as described under OpenOffice.